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機場捷運延伸線TR01標軌道工程執行現況 Executing Status of TIAA MRT Extension Line TR01 Rail Engineering Tender


The TIAA MRT Extension Line TR01 Rail Engineering Tender is a sub-tender of the TIAA MRT CM01 Section Tender. The engineering scope initiates from the south side of TIAA MRT Huanbei Station (A21, excluded) locating at the intersection of Zhongfeng N. Rd. and Huanbei Rd. Next, the route extends south along Zhongfeng Rd. and makes a turn at Zhongshan Rd. reaching Zhongzheng Rd. after undercrossing a residential area. Then, the route continues along Zhongzheng Rd. ending at the south side of the current Zhongli Train Station. The total length of the project is 2.06 km.
Currently, the civil engineering of TIAA MRT Extension Line is under shield-tunneling construction, and the main focus of the TR01 Engineering Tender is the submission of documents including impact assessment on vibration and noise control, rail engineering and material suppliers, material specifications and other technical documents. Regarding the impact assessment on vibration and noise control, the suppliers have completed the impact assessment according to the features, noise and vibration control, operational maintenance requirements and other factors of this construction. In addition, they have also confirmed to adopt the floating slab track system and ensured that the vibration and noise generated within the rail to the buildings have met the environmental requirements.
So far, there have been 12 submissions of technical documents for material qualification, specification, testing, rail type and rail distribution. In consequence, the workload to review the technical documents including rail, special rails, conduct rails, fastenings, absorbing materials and on-site layout is estimated to reach its peak around June to December, 2016.

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