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ISO 9001:2015改版差異說明教育訓練 Education Training on Differences of the ISO 9001: 2015 Revised Edition

國際標準組織於104年9月公布ISO 9001:2015新版,已取得驗證之組織或企業,有3年的緩衝期來進行相關的轉換,本局於103年7月8日取得ISO 9001:2008國際驗證證書,未來要取得新版驗證,必須對文件進行改版,故本局管理代表鐘維力總工程司於歷次「品質管理審查會議」均要求品質管理委員會秘書單位(第四組)安排講座到局宣導訓練,以利本局未來辦理品質管理文件進版事宜。
本次ISO 9001改版內容在管理架構上進行改變,除刪除了品質手冊、管理代表及預防措施,並增加組織前後環節分析、風險管理、知識管理、突發事件管理、最高管理階層的責任、變更管理及績效評估管理等。在以績效為導向的品質管理系統架構下,經營管理流程與品質管理系統結合,讓管理系統符合變動的經營環境,並導入風險管理觀念,推動不同管理系統架構整合,進而提升組織效益和效率等。
為配合本局日後品質管理系統進版建置及重新取得認證事宜,本次教育訓練以全局(含捷工處)同仁為參訓對象,於105年4月26日及5月4、13日在 本局13樓第一會議室分3梯次舉辦,在輔導顧問精闢的解說下,本局同仁皆能從中了解ISO 9001新舊版間的差異,對明年通過ISO:9001 2015年版驗證充滿信心。

The International Organization for Standardization has published the ISO 9001:2015 revised edition in September 2015 and indicated that organizations are granted a three-year transition period to migrate their quality management system to the new edition of the standard. Formerly on Jul. 8, 2014, BOHSR has obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 certification so will need to revise documentation in order to obtain certification of the new edition. Thus, the BOHSR management representative, Chief Engineer Wei-Li Chung has demanded the secretary unit (Fourth Division) in previous “Quality Management Evaluation Meetings” to arrange lectures and trainings for the benefit of implementation of quality management documentation revision in the near future.
In the ISO 9001 revision, there are content changes in the management structure. In addition to deleting the quality manual, management representative and preventive measures, it added the before and after link analysis of organizational actions, risk management, knowledge management, incident management, top management responsibility, change management and performance evaluation management. In the performance-oriented quality management systematic structure, the business management operations will combine with the quality management system allowing the management system to be in line with business environment changes. Moreover, by introducing risk management concepts to encourage integration of different management systems, the organizational effectiveness and efficiency shall be enhanced.
In line with the new edition establishment of BOHSR quality management system and re-certification matters in the future, the education trainings were focused on all BOHSR (including MRT Engineering Office) colleagues. On Apr. 26, May 4 and May 13, 2016, the three trainings have taken place at the BOHSR First Conference Room on 13th floor. With incisive commentary by the consultants, BOHSR colleagues have learned about the differences between the previous and new ISO 9001 editions and grew confidence regarding the certification for ISO: 9001 2015 edition taking place next year.

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