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機場捷運監理調查委員會啟動調查作業 TIAA MRT Supervision Committee Initiated Investigation Operations


According to the 2nd sitting, 1st session, 9th Transportation Committee Meeting at the Legislative Yuan, the committee requested MOTC to assemble an independent and public professional supervision committee to implement a comprehensive review on the safety concerns of TIAA MRT project. In consequence, MOTC established the TIAA MRT Supervision Committee on Jun. 29, 2016 and the kick-off meeting was held subsequently on Jul. 4.
The Supervision Committee comprised 7 members including experts and scholars from mechanical and electrical, operation and international engineering compliance fields, of which Yao-Chong Chiang served as Convener of the Committee. The Supervision Committee set up a separate “Technical Advisory Group” made of domestic scholars and experts in rail transport engineering or operation fields. The Technical Advisory Group is divided into "civil engineering team", "E&M team", "operation team” and "contract team" to assist the Committee on reviewing the engineering, operations and contract problems and impact level of the TIAA MRT system. The Technical Advisory Group will also provide preliminary proposals as reference for the Supervision Committee.
Minister Chen-Tan Ho of MOTC personally arrived at the event to address an opening speech and propose the following three principles: first, committee members shall be respected without external interference; second, the Committee shall operate independently and professionally; and finally, reflect and clarify problems in the spirit of justice. The committee members first listend to the briefings presented by THSRC, Taoyuan Metro, Taoyuan Airport Corporation and other relevant units and will then initiate an intensive investigation on the installation of software and hardware facilities, testing status and pre-operational testing of the TIAA MRT system. The investigation is scheduled to be completed within two months in which the Committee will review the key issues during the entire construction process and propose an independent, impartial and objective third-party order to be used as important reference for system improvement, operations and contract handling issues of the TIAA MRT system.

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