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本年度交通部辦理所屬機關財產管理實地訪查情形 Annual Onsite Evaluation on National Public Property Management of MOTC Subordinate Organizations


In coordination with the “National Public Property Management Evaluation Project” carried out by the Ministry of Finance (MOF), Deputy Director Shun-Lung Wu of Department of General Affairs, MOTC led Department of General Affairs, Department of Accounting to BOHSR on Jun. 8, 2016 to implement the 2016 Annual Onsite Evaluation on National Public Property Management of MOTC Subordinate Organizations.
The meeting was cohosted by Chief Secretary Cheng-Chun Yang and Deputy Director Shun-Lung Wu. First, Director Hui-Chun Chen of the Fifth Division personally briefed on the national public property’s ownership management, utilization condition, occupancy management and activation situations. In the meeting, personnel from the Department of General Affairs and Department of Accounting examined the listed documents and the corresponding division responded and explained to the inquiries accordingly.
The onsite evaluation gave the supervisors from MOTC a full introduction to the implementation process and progress management of operations in BOHSR and the supervisors expressed affirmation and recognition of the hard work and efforts of BOHSR. The annual MOTC evaluation brought new thinking toward national public property management which shall bring considerable benefit to promoting relevant operations in the future.

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