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機場捷運標誌系統工程概述 Outline of the TIAA MRT Signage System Engineering


The main function of the TIAA MRT signage system engineering is to construct signs for users of the TIAA MRT to acquire relevant auxiliary information before entering the station and to provide emergency escape route and escape exit indicators for the passengers to quickly and safely leave the station during emergency situations.
Public facilities are facilities stored in the society in which its primary purpose is to serve the community, provide convenience to the general public and ultimately contribute to local prosperity. Public facilities must rely on the signage system as a carrier to present information contents and communicate to users. Thus, considering the foregoing reasons and diverse-user factors, the TIAA MRT adopted (1) the consistency of visual impression, (2) internationality, (3) conformity to passenger demand, (4) the overall planning of MRT station, (5) simple information reading, (6) compliance with regulations and other designing ideas. The abovementioned elements allow the users to quickly and clearly understand station information.
This construction covered all 22 stations of the MRT system, two depots, three bulk substations and one administrative building. Combined with the surrounding traffic network and relative position of buildings, the system enabled the public to take advantage of the station for its operational functions and related convenience measures, and strive to build a friendly space in the station.

  • 車站位置圖及出口轉乘資訊。
  • 無障礙設施位置指示標誌。
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