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交通部葉部長接待學者參觀機場捷運 MOTC Minister Yeh Received Scholars on a TIAA MRT System Educational Tour


For the purpose of deepening scholars' understanding in major transportation infrastructures, MOTC arranged 4 sessions of "Transportation Infrastructure Educational Tour" respectively in northern, middle, southern and eastern Taiwan basing on our nation's major transportation projects. On April 11, Minister Yeh personally received around 20 scholars on a tour to visit the major transportation infrastructures in northern Taiwan, making their first stop at the TIAA MRT Stations. Acting Director General Hu from BOHSR led the team including Deputy Chief Engineer Ching-Chih Chen, the Third Division, Fourth Division and executives of the MRT Engineering Office to welcome the visitors.
The line of visitors was assembled at HSR Taoyuan Station and led by Acting Director Ching-Shen Chen to the underpass between TIAA MRT Taoyuan Station (A18) and HSR Taoyuan Station to comprehend the arrangement of seamless transfer between two systems. Then, they listened to the briefing on the development project of HSR Taoyuan Station's Commercial / Manufacturing Park. The development project is the most significant public investment project for Taoyuan Aerotropolis which is estimated to introduce international enterprises, compound shopping centers, international hotels, etc. into Taoyuan Area. This project is also one of the actual results of "i-Taiwan 12 Projects" and is expected to attract over 7 million tourists to produce at least NTD 10 billion output value in tourism.
The last stop of the tour was the Operational Control Center at Chingpu Depot. The visitors were informed about the future operational functions including the monitoring systems and train dispatch operations. After viewing the project video and listened to the last presentation, the participants provided many valuable suggestions. Discussions were made between the scholars and BOHSR, and then the tour came to a successful end. Nevertheless, the feedbacks were taken into reference for future infrastructures.

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