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阿里山森林鐵路奮起湖至十字路段暨屏遮那至神木段復駛臨時檢查辦理紀要 Record of the Extempore Investigation on Alishan Forest Railway Restoration Project-Fenqihu to Shizilu and Pingzhena to Sacred Tree


In accordance with the Railways Supervision Task Force of MOTC, BOHSR implemented the “Alishan Forest Railway Restoration Project-Fenqihu to Shizilu and Pingzhena to Sacred Tree” from Jul. 25 to 26, 2016. The restoration project was due to railway destruction from Typhoon Morakot in 2009 resulting in suspension of the railway. The application of the restoration project was implemented based on Article 41 of "Railway Law" and Article 47 of "Regulations Governing Supervision of Local, Private, and Exclusive Railways". The five major inspected items included civil construction, E&M equipment, station operational equipment, organization management, and others. There were a total of 18 inspected items, which were respectively implemented by Operations, Civil Engineering and E&M Divisions.
Due to multiple mountain terrains in the restoring railway sections, operational safety was the primary consideration of the project. For the sake of prudence, the inspection team especially appointed six experts and scholars as inspection members and the team was led by Executive Secretary Cheng-Chun Yang of the Railways Supervision Task Force with relevant colleagues. Besides listening to the briefing at Chiayi Forest District Office of Forestry Bureau and randomly reviewing working logs and records, the inspectors were arranged to ride the trolley or train into the important stations, tunnels, bridges, high-risk road sections, etc. to inspect the maintenance situation of linearity, track equipment, slope maintenance, drainage facilities and other facilities of the restoring rail sections. On the other hand, the debris flow simulation was executed at the Pingzhena tunnel entrance to evaluate the response measures of the operational unit such as contact communications, rescue and transport of injured passengers and evacuation guidance to cope with future incidents. We hope to supervise the completion of the forest railway restoration through this comprehensive and integrated inspection.

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