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交通部促參專案督導小組訪視「高鐵左營站轉運專用區興建營運移轉案」 MOTC Promotion of Participation Project Supervision Group Inspected the “Construction and Operation Transfer Project of the Zuoying Transit Area”


On Jul. 22, 2016, the Conveyor of MOTC Promotion of Participation Project Supervision Group, Administrative Deputy Minister Meng-Feng Wu of MOTC, led 11 members to inspect the “Construction and Operation Transfer Project of the Zuoying Transit Area”. Deputy Chief Engineer Hsin-Hsi Lu of BOHSR accompanied the delegation to the onsite inspection and following briefing.
After assembling at HSR Zuoying Station, the inspectors were received by BOHSR associates and guided to the transit area to interpret on the developing status of surrounding districts and the transfer routes between TRA, MRT and HSR systems. Subsequently, Division Director Hui-Chun Chen presented the briefing describing the investment planning and current implementation progress of urban planning modifications of this case.
After listening to the briefing, Administrative Deputy Minister Wu and the inspectors expressed approval toward the efforts BOHSR had made in the negotiations of urban planning modifications and proposed many valuable opinions for subsequent operations. As for the promotion of the transfer hub, BOHSR will continue to coordinate with Kaohsiung City Government in the traffic policy of “Build Six Transfer Hubs in Kaohsiung” and complete urban planning modifications as soon as possible. The public tender will be designated to a private investor to construct and operate and will provide mid-range and long-range transfer services to passengers in northern Kaohsiung.

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