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機場捷運各施工標土建竣工資料提送簡介 Introduction to the Submission of TIAA MRT Civil Engineering Completion Documents


The submission procedure of TIAA MRT construction completion documents is based on regulations from the BOHSR Technical Data Management (TDM) System and should be submitted upon construction completion and acceptance within the regulated due date. It aims to enable a complete systematic preservation of the technical documents and figures produced in the planning, design, construction and operational stages of the TIAA MRT project. In consequence, the results and regulations of each phase of the project can be used as an important reference for the next phase and will meet the needs of subsequent operational demands, maintenance requirements, construction completion document inquiry and file access.
Based on General Scope of Work Construction Completion Documents and Supervision Contract, there are numerous types and amount of figures and documents to be submitted to the owner. The TDM documents have been categorized into six categories after multiple internal meetings in the MRT Engineering Office, including project blueprints, supervision documents for construction reviews, civil engineering and E&M equipment documents for construction reviews, supervision documents of construction completion data file, civil engineering and E&M equipment documents of construction completion data file and system software documents. Other data files excluded from the abovementioned categories are archived by the MRT Engineering Office. To shorten the process duration, division of labor between Branches, contractors and the supervision consultant of project were utilized to integrate electronic data files and hard copy documents.
According to regulations of TDM system procedure announced by BOHSR, the original list has to be converted to an Excel file in order to be uploaded. In addition, the file name must conform to the list and not be duplicated otherwise the system will not accept and the file cannot be uploaded. For the sake of consistency, list production and data upload will be operated and integrated entirely by Branches (or Brigades ) , MRT Engineering Office. The electronic archives should be uploaded in the BOHSR Library due to network traffic restrictions; as for hard copy documents, the inventory, packing, sealing and other operations are completed at the warehouse of MRT Engineering Office. After preliminary operations, the list should be submitted to BOHSR for review and can only proceed with the inventory process after qualification of selective examination by the BOHSR Systems Administration Office. Currently, the hard copy documents and figure information of the civil engineering portion of TIAA MRT projects have been submitted to the designated BOHSR warehouse as inventory.

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