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南港專案高鐵用地交付完成簽認儀式 Completion of the Signatory Ceremony of Nangang Project HSR Land Hand Over


In response to the opening of HSR Nangang Station on Jul. 1, 2016, MOTC and THSRC completed the signatory ceremony of land hand over on Jun. 23, 2016.
Official operation of HSR Nangang Station has marked a whole new milestone for Taiwan HSR and opened up the “One-day Life Circle” for western Taiwan passengers. The station will bring vibrant business, cultural exchanges, and more fruitful and diverse choices in people's lives. Nangang Station is an intersecting point of Taiwan railway, high-speed rail and mass rapid transportation lines where the ground floor is set with HSR and TRA entrance/exits, the first basement floor is the platform floor and the second basement floor consists of the station lobby, concourse and dining services. Nangang Station is in connection with the MRT Bannan Line, hotel, shopping center and department store which will effectively alleviate passengers from Taipei Main Station and provide more convenient transport services to passengers from Neihu, Nangang, Xizhi and even Keelung and Ilan.

  • 南港專案高鐵用地交付完成簽認儀式。
  • 南港專案高鐵用地交付完成簽認儀式。
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