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本局105年度環境教育訓練第4場辦理情形 Fourth Session of 2016 BOHSR Environmental Education Training

上半場講師廖東坤導演所拍攝影片曾獲休士頓影展白金大賞的肯定,本次應金門國家公園所拍攝的栗喉蜂虎是金門最受注目的夏候鳥,牠有一席亮麗的彩衣,全身以黃綠色為主,尾巴卻是藍色;細長的嘴喙微微下彎,就像一把銳利的十字刀, 牠之所以有栗喉蜂虎這樣的名字,主要是因為那栗紅色的喉部和高明的獵捕技巧。栗喉蜂虎為金門生態保育的指標物種,這幾年來在金門國家公園的積極復育下,數量已不斷增加,也吸引了不少國際各地的愛鳥人士前往觀賞。廖導演並從多年到台灣各地拍攝各種鳥類的機會,觀察到台灣環境受到人為破壞的重大影響,他認為當務之急是每個人一定要減少塑膠用量,也苦口婆心的勸導學員應以實際行動來保護台灣環境,很多學員感觸良多,和廖導演積極互動。

For the purpose of promoting national environmental education policy, BOHSR scheduled six environmental education trainings in 2016 and has already completed four of them where over 80% of BOHSR associates have participated in the training. The fourth training hosted by Director General Hsiang-Ling Hu was finished on Jul. 21 and included lectures and video-viewing. BOHSR invited the internationally renowned natural ecology photographer and director, Dong-Kun Liao, to present the lecture, “Summer Elves – The Blue Tailed Bee-eater (including an ecological video)” and invited CEO of the Jane Goodall Institute, Taiwan, Hsueh-Chen Guo, to introduce to us about “The Ways of Dr. Jane Goodall of Protecting Global Environment and the Roots & Shoots Program”.
In the first half of the training, Director Dong-Kun Liao shared with us his movie made in Kinmen National Park that had won the Platinum Remi in the 49th WorldFest-Houston. The Blue Tailed Bee-eater is the most high-profile summer migrants in Kinmen which has a beautiful coat of bright colors with yellow-green main body but a blue tail. Its elongated beak is slightly curved like a sharp cross knife and its Chinese name was given mainly because of its chestnut red throat and clever hunting skills. The Blue Tailed Bee-eater is an indicator species in Kinmen’s ecological conservation and in the past few years, with active repopulation in Kinmen National Park, the number has been increasing which attracted many international bird lovers. In many years of bird-photo shooting from all over Taiwan, Director Liao observed a significant impact from human sabotage to Taiwan's environment. He believes that it is imperative that everyone must reduce the amount of plastic usage, and earnestly persuaded participants to take concrete actions to protect Taiwan’s environment. Many students were overwhelmed with deep feelings and interacted actively with Director Liao.
In the second half of the training, CEO Hsueh-Chen Guo shared with participants on the process and results of the Roots & Shoots organization and other actions in protecting the earth promoted by Dr. Jane Goodall over many years globally. The lecturer said that in the years she followed Dr. Jane Goodall, the doctor flew more than three hundred days each year around the world on her own without assistants to encourage volunteers and give young people hope and encouragement. Even though she is now 82-year-old, the doctor remained this way. The doctor’s actions inspired all trainees who responded with warm applause. The training benefited the trainees greatly, deepened the concept of global environmental protection and provided great assistance to the promotion of environmental protection work in BOHSR.

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