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第二屆臺日鐵路實務合作交流會議紀要 The 2nd Meeting Between Taiwan and Japan of Practical Interchange and Cooperation in Railway


On Mar. 12, 2014, BOHSR Acting Director General Hu led associates to Tokyo to attend the 2nd Meeting Between Taiwan and Japan of Practical Interchange and Cooperation in Railway . The Meeting was to discuss and exchange opinions on Railway Safety and Supervision Measures and Overseas Market Expansion Strategies with Japan's Railway Bureau of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).
To promote the interchange and cooperation in high speed rail business between Taiwan and Japan, the 1st Meeting was hosted by BOHSR on Mar. 12 2013 in Taiwan. We communicated with Railway Bureau of MLIT and reached a common consensus. Then, on Nov. 5 2014, Dept. of East Asian and Pacific Affairs of MOFA of Taiwan side and Interchange Association of Japan side officially signed the "Memorandum of Interchange and Cooperation Enhancement in Railway Business". The Memorandum stated that Taiwan and Japan would take turns hosting the yearly meeting on practical measures and would specifically enhance interchange and assistance on railway operation, safety, disaster prevention, overseas expansion, etc. of both parties.
The 2nd Meeting was held by Interchange Association, Japan on March 12, 2014, 10 o'clock in the morning. Deputy Director General Ichiro Hao of Railway Bureau, MLIT (Japan) and Acting Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu of BOHSR from Taiwan together hosted the meeting. Attendee organizations included BOHSR and THSRC from Taiwan, and Railway Bureau, MLIT, Interchange Association and Central Japan Railway Company from Japan. First, both parties started discussion on Railway Safety and Supervision Measures and Overseas Market Expansion Strategies. Then, both parties shared experience on current railway projects respectively. BOHSR interpreted on the in-town check-in services that are currently being planned for TIAA MRT; THSRC reported the construction progress on E&M system at Nankang Station; Central Japan Railway Company elaborated on the latest 700N series and its ATC system.
We gained a lot from the meeting and especially absorbed knowledge on railway supervision, accident investigation mechanism, and delay compensation from the Japan railway authorities. Acting Director General Hu expressed our nation's support from MOTC for continuing cooperation in railway industry between the two countries and hope to establish formal windows for future business handling. Deputy Director General Ichiro Hao indicated that Taiwan High Speed Rail System has resulted in great efficiency and safety, which should bring about a magnificent prospect for overseas market expansion.

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