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機場捷運監理調查委員會召開總結會議及記者會 TIAA MRT Supervision Committee Held the Wrap-up Meeting and Press Conference


For the purpose of evaluating the safety concerns of the TIAA MRT project, the TIAA MRT Supervision Committee was established and held a Wrap-up Meeting on Aug. 27, 2016 hosted by Convener Yao-Chong Chiang. During the confirmation of wrap-up contents in the afternoon, MOTC Minister HO CHEN, Tan and Mayor Cheng, Wen-Tsan of Taoyuan City Government both attended and witnessed the event. Subsequently, they both joined other committee members and experts and went to Taipei Main Station (A1) for the wrap-up meeting and press conference. In the meeting, the committee members explained to the public the findings of the committee and invited the media to take the EMU to and from Taipei Main Station (A1) and Airport Terminal 2 Station (A13) to show the essence of the TIAA MRT system improving results.
For the TIAA MRT system safety concerns raised by Transportation Committee of Legislative Yuan and the general public, the scope of the evaluation included civil engineering and E&M equipment abnormal issues. The system safety and stability problem was fully explored and has been confirmed to be correctly handled and eliminate relevant concerns. As for the key issues regarding operation, the committee has coordinated with Taoyuan Metro Corp. to expand performance practice, complete take-over operation of the system, confirm initial operational schedule (“peak 12/ off-peak 15”, which is dispatch a train every 6 minutes peak / 7.5 minutes off-peak) and carry out the stability testing and simulation exercises. Regarding contract issues, the committee has clarified, reached a consensus and made directional disposition recommendations toward substantial completion identification, repair responsibilities, pricing disputes and other matters.
After multiple meetings and breakout sessions, the committee fully discussed and exchanged views with suppliers, constructors and operation units. Moreover, with onsite investigations and visits, the committee came to a conclusion: “the incident impacting official operation has converged; the stability of core E&M system has gradually improved; the committee has shown gratifying success and the construction and operation units have demonstrated an opportunity of cooperation”. Based on considerations of public interest, the committee recommended that the current TIAA MRT should actively promote the direction toward official operation. Further going, we will relax conventional thinking and take more pragmatic and flexible approaches. After the independent security verification procedures, the system will go through the seven-day stability testing regulated in the Principal Application Procedures for Inspection. Through these procedures, the operation unit can continue to set schedules and practices to improve system stability and enhance the confidence in operators.
Under the coordination and integration of the committee, the TIAA MRT team (BOHSR, MKH J.B. Consortium, contractors, Taoyuan Metro Corp. and Taoyuan Airport Corp.) has not only shown good faith and cooperative attitude but also highly consensus to solve the TIAA MRT problems. Currently, under the status of confirmed system security and that official operation will initiate after completion of stability testing and simulation practice, we anticipate the TIAA MRT team will cooperate with each other toward the consistent goal of completing all preparatory work before official operation and soon provide the convenient TIAA MRT service to the public.

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