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機場捷運CU02X施工標改善工程執行過程概述 Outline of the Implementation Process of TIAA MRT CU02X Construction Improvement Project


The contents of TIAA MRT CU02X Construction Improvement Project are established based on the B category of the construction inspection of CU02 construction tender so fits the criteria of a renovation construction. Since part of the construction is in the rail area, constructions may only proceed during EMU non-testing periods. The scope of the project includes Airport Terminal 1 Station (A12), Airport Terminal 2 Station (A13) and Airport Hotel Station (A14a). Since the construction concerns Taoyuan Airport operations, the engineering interface and multiple access controls are characteristics of this project.
The tender was announced in September 2015 and was closed on Oct. 1. The groundbreaking of the project took place on Oct. 14 and was finished on Apr. 30, 2016. The construction duration was 200 calendar days. The contract targets of the project have already been completed and additional suggestions raised by Taoyuan Metro Corp. are now being implemented. During the construction implementation process, relevant measures that can facilitate timely completion are summarized as follows:
1.For the various engineering items, utilize materials that are provided by suppliers already approved by the TIAA MRT Project to reduce the reviewing process.
2.During the construction period, the access of staff from each station and rail sections are controlled by Taoyuan Metro and MKH J.B. Consortium. Therefore, for the convenience of construction personnel, contactors should send representatives to attend the relevant trainings to obtain regulatory licenses.
3.Part of the work area is located within the airport terminal control area and construction actuating lines may interfere with terminal surrounding traffic routes so contractors must communicate in advance with Taoyuan Airport Corporation and timely submit relevant regulatory applications.
4.As for a few special operating items, such as rounding elevator metal frame corners, matte surface water treatment of glossy granite, etc., the samples and discussions are reviewed over and over again to ensure compliance with contractual improvement requirements.

  • 機場旅館站(A14a)穿堂層(非付費區)-電扶梯出入口處亮面崗石現場水磨砂面處理。
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