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「臺中都會區鐵路高架捷運化計畫」第一階段履勘作業紀要 Summary of the First Phase Inspection of “Taichung Metropolitan Area Elevated Railway Project”

交通部臺灣鐵路管理局於105年6月29日提出「臺中都會區鐵路高架捷運化建設計畫」第一階段通車履勘申請。本階段通車範圍為:北起豐原站以北約1.9公里,南迄大慶站以南約1.4 公里,全長約21.7公里,項目包括:臺中站、豐原站、潭子站、太原站、大慶站暨沿線鐵路高架路段。本案續於105年7月14日對申請單位進行文件形式審查及確認受檢資料狀況,於105年7月27日召開履勘前置會議,並於105年8月23至24日辦理履勘作業。

According to Article 16.2 in Railway Act, the railway organization is required to apply for MOTC pre-operation inspection before official operation and can only operate after acquisition of MOTC approval. In coordination with Railways Supervision Task Force, BOHSR took post as inspectors to assist in advising work.
The inspection team comprised of one Convener, one Vice Convener, a civil engineering group, an E&M group and an operation group. The Convener as well as ex-officio member was chosen by convention to be the Director General Department of Railways and Highway, MOTC and is responsible for integrating all inspection-related matters. The Vice Convener was elected among the heads of the three groups.
On Jun. 29, 2016, TRA of MOTC submitted the inspection application of the first phase operation of “Taichung Metropolitan Area Elevated Railway Project”. The scope of the operation extends 21.7 kilometers which covers from 1.9 kilometers north of Fengyuan Station to 1.4 kilometers south of Daqing Station. The project includes Taichung Station, Fengyuan Station, Tanzi Station, Taiyuan Station, Daqing Station and all elevated sections along the railway. On Jul. 14, 2016, the inspection team implemented formality examinations and verified the application documents. By Jul. 27, the inspection preliminary meeting was called for and the actual inspection operations took place from Aug. 23 to 24, 2016.
The inspectors raised 28 improvement points according to evaluation results of documentation, on-scene equipment and simulation practices. The improvement points were categorized into 3 categories. 10 of the improvement points were categorized as pre-operation matters in which the railway organization has to submit all necessary documents to MOTC to be cleared for operation; 7 points that were general matters will be followed up by Railways Supervision Task Force until all improvement points are achieved; and for the 11 follow-up suggestions, inspected unit will take into consideration for future engineering projects. With great efforts and cooperation of all participating parties, the inspection work was finished.

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