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臺中捷運系統烏日文心北屯線建設計畫辦理情形 Implementation Status of the Taichung Metropolitan MRT System Wurih-Wunsing-Beitun Line Construction Project


The Taichung Metropolitan MRT System Wurih-Wunsing-Beitun Line starts from Songzhu Rd. (Beitun Dist.) crossing Beitun Rd., Wenxin Rd., Wenxin S. Rd. to HSR Taichung Station in Wurih District. The total length of this system is 16.71 km with the elevated sections of 15.94 km and surface sections of 0.77 km. Total expenditure of this project is 59.337 billion NT dollars (inclusive of land fees).
Taichung City Government is responsible for the land acquisition, land development and future operation of this project. Since 2008, MOTC designated Taipei City Government (DORTS) to take on the construction portion of the project that was originally planned by BOHSR. DORTS continued on the following designing and constructing work to efficiently distribute manpower resources from DORTS. On the other hand, BOHSR was responsible for progress monitoring, coordination of local government issues and controlling the execution duration and project contents.
Up until end of Aug.2016, scheduled progress is 65.50% and actual progress is 65.51%. The civil engineering of the entire line is currently under progress and the E&M engineering of each sub-system is under detailed designing, procurement and manufacturing. The first EMU is being assembled in an overseas factory in Hyogo, Japan. As for the power supply system, relevant equipment is now being installed in Beitun Depot and Wurih bulk supply substation. In conclusion, full operation is scheduled to initiate by end of 2020.

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