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高鐵105年中秋節疏運情形 Traffic Dispersing Results of 2016 Mid-Autumn Holidays


During the 6 days (9/14-9/19) of 2016 HSR Mid-Autumn Festival traffic dispersing period, THSRC originally planned to increase 118 additional trains to provide transportation services for people returning home and traveling smoothly. However, affected by the Typhoon Meranti, HSR Tainan to Zuoying section was suspended for several hours on Sep. 14, so THSRC actual only dispatched 85 additional trains. During the period, a total of 911 trains were dispatched, representing an increase of 10.3% compared with normal operational periods.
Affected by Typhoon Meranti, there was an abnormal incident that occurred at 13:38 on Sep. 14 in which the wind blew farming net into the overhead line resulting in damage to the pantograph of the southbound number 633 train and temporary suspension from Tainan to Zuoying section. After immediate repair, single-direction operation was first restored at 19:45. By 21:00, the entire system was back to operation which total cancellation was 39 trains. During the holidays, total dispersed passenger count reached 1,034 thousand averaging 172 thousand passengers per day. The peak of passenger count happened on Sep. 18 (last day) reaching 250 thousand passengers.
After the abnormal incident that occurred on Sep. 14, Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu immediately went to the HSR emergency response center to inspect the passenger connection and repair operations, while patrolling Taoyuan station to encourage the company to stick to their posts to continue on traffic dispersing work, and thank the maintenance colleagues of their fearless and honorable spirit of working in such bad weather.
During the Mid-Autumn Festival, in addition to the incident on Sep. 14 caused by Typhoon Meranti that affected passengers’ itinerary, there were sufficient operative trains, well-mannered passengers, and regular operation conditions. HSR functions were brought into full play, which resulted in the great success of traffic handling throughout western Taiwan.

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