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高鐵台中站新高鐵段20地號商業區土地招商成果 Tender Results on the No.20 of land, New HSR Section, Commercial District of Taichung Station Area


On Aug. 5, 2016, BOHSR promulgated tender invitation for the lease on No.20 of land, New HSR Section, Commercial District of Taichung Station Area. On Sep. 9, the tender was won by the well-known restaurant and wedding company, “Zhen Ai Industrial Co., Ltd.”.
HSR Taichung Station is located at the heart of the inter-city corridor in the western part of Taiwan and can reach major cities in the western region within 1 hour. The company focused on the excellent transportation advantages of the area which will facilitate people of all regions to travel to the area for wedding parties and is also optimistic about the development potential of Taichung Station Area, so decided to move into Taichung Station Area to expand its wedding services. The project plans to build a single-story 400-seat large banquet hall, water church and outdoor garden landscaping. The project plans to provide a continuous line of wedding services and to introduce a variety of service functions. The project is expected to open in mid-2018 which shall create more than 100 jobs. By that time, the development of Taichung Station Area will definitely show an entirely different appearance.
In conjunction with the Taichung City Government's plan to promote High Speed Rail Portal Region Project, Healthy Experience Industry Plan and the Greater Taichung Industrial International Exhibition Center, the Bureau will continue to launch investment promotion projects in the future to accelerate the overall development of the HSR Taichung Station Area.

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