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高鐵嘉義車站特定區土地公告標售 Tender Announcement for HSR Chiayi Station District Land


In November 2013, BOHSR announced Tender for HSR Chiayi Station Residential District which included Land No.24-4, 24-8 and 24-9 at Taidingchu section in Taibao City, Chiayi County. The reserved price is NT$ 21,600/ m2 with a total area of 14,037.06 m2. The bid was won by a well-known construction company at NT$ 24,300/ m2 with a 13% premium rate and total price exceeding 340 million NT dollars on December 30th. This successful bid indicated that the market value of the district area is increasing and also the confidence of attending bidders toward local development is rising.
In the last few years, many government's important constructions have set in action. For instance, the Southern Branch of National Palace Museum has started construction in February 2013 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015. With significant projects such as Chiayi Dapumei Intellegent Industrial Park and Ma Chou Hou Industrial Park, Chiayi is on the road to a future cradling exquisite agriculture as well as technology research. Moreover, Chiayi Government is actively driving tourism and long-term medical care to the area, anticipating Chiayi to become a city full of cultural and healthy atmosphere.

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