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高鐵彰化站區聯外道路系統改善計畫—員林至田中新闢道路工程第一標及第二標開工動土典禮 Improvement Plan of Access Road to HSR Station Area Groundbreaking Ceremonies for the 1st Tender and 2nd Tender of "Yuanlin to Tienchung Road Construction Project"


The Access Road to HSR Changhua Station Area Project was ratified by Executive Yuan into "The Third Improvement Plan of Access Road to HSR Station Area" which includes "Yuanlin to Tienchung Road Construction" and "Changhua 95 Extension Construction". Among which the "Changhua 95 Extension Construction" connecting Country Road 150 to Tienchung City has been finished on Oct 30 2013 and the "Yuanlin to Tienchung Road Construction" is under active progress authorized by Changhua County Government.
The construction project starts from the viaduct intersection of Country Road 137 and Provincial Highway 76. The construction route goes west across the Yuanlin Drainage and the first canal of Babau Irrigation System, intersecting with Country Road 141 (Yuanji Rd.); then crosses over Chentsuotsuo discharge and intersecting with Country Road 154 (Shedou Rd.); further then, crosses the east and west canals of Babau Irrigation System, continues along Changhua 95 (Dashshe Rd.) and finishes at the HSR Changhua Station District. The road is planned 28 to 40 m in width, 9,376 m in length and reaches about NTD 2.337 billion construction budgets. It is the largest road engineering construction project in Changhua County History. The Changhua County Government respectively held the groundbreaking ceremony for 1st Tender on Feb. 27 and 2nd Tender on Mar. 5 2014. The ceremonies were both hosted by Magistrate of Changhua County Mr.Po-Yuan Cho. Attendees of the ceremonies included Chief Engineer Wei-Li Chung and Deputy Chief Engineer Kuo-cheng Jao from BOHSR representing MOTC, Members of Legislative Yuan, County Representatives, Head Commissioners of Townships and local residents. The ceremony atmosphere was cheery and eager anticipation toward the constructions was expressed by the local public.
As the construction project is generally located in east Changhua and will be the major access roads from HSR Changhua Station to Yuanlin and Caotun areas after completion. Upon completion of this project, it would not only provide convenient access for HSR passengers, but would also be a great benefit on social and economic developments of east Changhua areas.

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