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機場捷運營運推動專案會議 TIAA MRT Operation Promotion Task Force Meeting


According to the investigation results of the TIAA MRT Supervision Committee, the system security of the TIAA MRT System has been assured. After qualifying the inspection of stability testing and simulation practices, the system is ready for formal operation. In order to properly handle the recommendations made by the Supervision Committee and to overcome possible factors that may affect the opening of the TIAA MRT, it is necessary to formulate a TIAA MRT Operation Promotion Task Force to effective handle and facilitate various issues. It is hoped that with the objective and coordination of the TIAA MRT team, the convenient TIAA MRT service will be provided soon as possible.
There are four subteams in the Task Force: “civil engineering”, “E & M”, “operation” and “contract”. The objectives of the subteams are, first, follow-up of the recommendations of the Supervision Committee and second, to deal with the factors that may affect the opening of the system. In view of the above-mentioned objectives, the members of the subteams consisted of 9 members from the Technical Advisory Group of the former Supervisory Committee, with additional 2 members respectively for the E & M team and operational team based on the recommendation of Taoyuan City Government. Therefore, the Task Force composed of 13 members and additional members may be recruited with approved the Task Force meeting.
The Task Force meetings are co-hosted by Political Deputy Minister of MOTC, Kwo-Tsai Wang, and Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan City Government, Ming-De Wang once per two weeks to listen to the results of each team and make a resolution. The first meeting will be held on Sep. 7, 2016; the follow-up meeting will continue to be implemented until the opening of the TIAA MRT System and will be extended if necessary.

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