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部長蒞臨「機場捷運營運推動專案」會議 Minister of MOTC Attended the TIAA MRT Operation Promotion Task Force Meeting

機場捷運經「機場捷運監理調查委員會」(以下簡稱調查委員會)調查結果,目前系統安全業已確保,待穩定性測試及模擬演練完成即能履勘後通車。為妥適及儘速處理調查委員會所提各項建議及可能影響通車因素,交通部與桃園市政府共同成立「機場捷運營運推動專案」會議,並由交通部王政務次長國材及桃園市政府王副市長明德每二週共同主持,於105年9月7日召開第一次會議,截至本次會議為止,調查委員會建議於通車前應行改善之30項建議事項,已完成12項;另在桃園捷運公司、廠商及本局共同努力下,整體系統穩定性明顯提升,連續7天運轉的可用度已由今年八月份的98%左右提升至99%左右(通過標準為99%) ,目前整體機捷團隊仍持續檢討改善中,期望儘早通過穩定性測試標準,另桃園捷運公司辦理之模擬演練亦已同步執行中。

On Oct. 21, 2016, Minister Ho Chen,Tan of MOTC and Mayor Wen-Tsan Cheng of Taoyuan City Government attended the 4th meeting of "TIAA MRT Operation Promotion Task Force" to encourage participating experts and relevant units and anticipate to achieve full operation as soon as possible under consistent goal and cooperation of the TIAA MRT team.
Currently, the TIAA MRT System has been confirmed of system safety by the TIAA MRT Supervision Committee and full operation will be implemented after completion of stability test, simulation exercises and the final inspection. To properly and efficiently handle the suggestions and impact factors of the operation proposed by the Supervision Committee, MOTC and Taoyuan City Government together established the "TIAA MRT Operation Promotion Task Force". The Task Force meetings were held on every two weeks with Political Deputy Minister of MOTC, Kwo-Tsai Wang, and Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan City Government, Ming-De Wang as hosts. The first task force meeting was held on Sep.7, 2016 and 12 of the 30 suggestion issues have already been resolved up to the 4th meeting. In addition, under the efforts of Taoyuan Metro Corporation, contractors and BOHSR, the overall system stability has improved greatly. The 7-consecutive-day system availability has reached approximately 99%, meeting the standard, comparing to 98% in August this year. Currently, the entire TIAA MRT team is continuing to evaluate and making improvements to the system anticipating passing the stability test as soon as possible. On the other hand, Taoyuan Metro is simultaneously implementing the simulating practices.
BOHSR will continue to supervise and assist related units in achieving the regulations listed in Principal Application Procedures for Mass Rapid Transit Inspection and implement final inspection of the system to soon provide convenient TIAA MRT services to the public.

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