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高鐵彰化站聯外道路計畫—員林至田中新闢道路第一標工程完工 Completion of the First Construction Tender of Yuanlin to Tianzhong New Road Construction, HSR Changhua Station Access Road Project


For the convenience of HSR passengers, after the opening of the first six-station access road construction plan, BOHSR continued to promote the second phase of the project in Miaoli, Changhua and Yunlin. The Changhua Station Access Road Project was ratified on Jan. 28, 2011 by the Executive Yuan. It included two projects with the total funding of 3.566 billion NT dollars. The project organizer was Changhua County Government and the "Chang-95 Extension Project" was completed and opened on Oct. 31, 2013. Subsequently, Changhua County Government continued to implement "Yuanlin to Tianzhong New Road Construction".
The total length of the project is 9,376 meters. The route is from the plane under the viaduct of Provincial Highway 76, westward across the Yuanlin drainage channel, County Road No. 141, TRA tracks, passing Chencuozuo drainage and the flood control road of the 2nd Babao irrigation canal to the HSR Changhua Station District. The width of the main line is 28 meters with 8 lanes. The project scope covers Yuanlin City, Shetou Township, Yongjing Township, Tianwei Township and Tianzhong Township. Among which, the first tender covered a total length of 4,380 meters and was completed on Sep. 24, 2016. In this construction, the twin-tower ExtraDosed Bridge that crossed a total span of 580 meters was the most unique.
The appearance of this ExtraDosed Bridge is similar to that of a cable-stayed bridge which is equipped with a bridge tower and cable-stayed steel cables, making it the first diamond-type twin-tower ExtraDosed Bridge. Its span is 65M + 120M + 65M totaling 250 meters, and the height of the bridge tower is 20 meters. The slanting steel cables created a compact image, combined with the bridge tower presenting structural strength altogether showing nice landscape. Additionally with night lighting, the view is magnificent. The lighting equipment includes 76 on the bridge and 16 under the bridge all made of high-efficiency full-color LED spotlights, showing a beautiful and romantic static visual. In addition, in accordance with weekdays and holidays, there are different lighting programs by changing projection modes to create dynamic beauty. One of the programs where the columns and the pillars form a diamond-shaped effect make the audience feel like as if soaked in the unrestrained passion of a Brazilian carnival. This bridge has become a new landmark in Changhua area.

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