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交通部105年度招商大會 2016 Investment Solicitation Convention, MOTC


The 2016 Investment Solicitation Convention, MOTC was held on Oct. 4 in the fifth-floor conference hall at GIS MOTC Convention Center. MOTC combined this convention with the 2016 Taiwan Business Alliance Conference that was held by MOEA on Oct. 3 and led subordinate authorities to invite potential overseas investors to join the investment convention. The investment convention attracted many well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers from construction, transportation and logistics, department store retail, hotels, real estate, life insurance and many other industries.
BOHSR is committed to promoting the development of HSR Station Districts and up to now, 12 successful cases have been signed with department retail stores, international logistics, exhibition, compound commercial building, outlet, wedding hall ... and so on. The investment cases included "Development and management Project of Business Development Area in Hsinchu HSR Station District", "Development and management Project of Business Development Area in Lot 69, 70 and 71, Sec. Xingaotie, Taichung HSR Station Area", "Development and management Project of Commercial District in Lot 241, 241-1 and 241-2, Sec. Ching-Sheng, Taoyuan HSR Station District", "Development and management Project of Commercial District in Lot 114, 116, 117 and 118, Sec. New Xingaotie, Taichung HSR Station Area" and "Build, Operate transfer Project of the Zuoying Transit Area". These cases released billions of commercial opportunity, causing great attention. It is hoped that this investment conference will enable potential investors to comprehend with the current successful cases and the contents of the upcoming investment cases, attract private investment, accelerate the development of the surrounding area of high-speed railway stations, and promote regional development.

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