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高鐵交通建設用地提供第三人公益使用— 頭份鎮高鐵98K+150~98K+560橋下道路景觀綠美化工程案 HSR Transport Construction Land is Applicable for Third-party Public Use -Landscape Greening Project of Sections 98K+150~98K+560 Beneath HSR Viaducts in Toufen City


As the HSR system is a ribbon transport corridor, it blocked the original rural industrial road of Tenping Section in Toufen City, Miaoli County. Based on local development and local expectations, the Toufen City Office proposed to make use both sides of HSR piers and the undercrossing by constructing a channel to enhance local traffic flows and promote local development.
Toufen City Office applied for 24 pieces HSR transport construction lands including Lot no.1271 in Tenping Section, Toufen City based on "Guidelines for Review of Third-party Applications for HSR Transport Construction Land for Other Public Interests" to plan for the "Landscape Greening Project of Sections 98K+150~98K+560 Beneath HSR Viaducts in Toufen City". The application was qualified for public-interest purposes which was approved by BOHSR on Feb. 13, 2009, and submitted to the MOTC for future evaluation. Following, management authorities was transferred on Mar. 6, 2009.
The main purpose of this road construction, that is to construct a channel using both sides of HSR piers and its undercrossing, is for the convenience of communities near Tenping Section in Toufen City, Miaoli County. Based on the significant consideration of HSR structure safety, in addition to installing Jersey barriers on the lanes that are next to the HSR engine room and the bridge piers to prevent vehicle collision, the Toufen City Office had set maximum clearance frames and signals to prohibit large vehicles from entering and blocking the impact of high-speed rail structures.
After the completion of the road construction, the traffic inconvenience of the region have been effectively resolved and greatly enhanced the traffic flow promoting local development. Moreover, taking into account the landscaping under the HSR bridge, the construction made full use of public space, creating a win-win situation between government and civil society.

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