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「105年菱角鳥生態季」開幕活動報導 The Opening Ceremony of the "2016 Pheasant-tailed Jacana Ecological Festival"


For the purpose of promoting jacana habitat preservation and green protection label, BOHSR, Forestry Bureau, Tainan City Government, Guantian District Office, THSRC and Tainan Wild Bird Society together conducted the "2016 Pheasant-tailed Jacana Ecological Festival". On Oct. 10, 2016, the day of our National Day, the opening ceremony was held at Tainan Pheasant-tailed Jacana Eco-Educational Nature Park. The theme of this year’s festival was "Together Support Friendly Farming", targeting to send the message of jacana preservation and the concept of protecting the wetland habitat and its wildlife. Farmers adopted friendly farming methods that do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In addition, people continue to buy green-labeled agricultural products to support and achieve the purpose of protecting the environment is the main theme of the opening event.
In the opening ceremony, all relevant units were fully cooperative. BOHSR also attached great importance to the event in which Director-General Hsiang-Lin Hu personally led his unit to participate in the event. In the opening speech, Director-General Hu made a special mention of his deep relationship with the park. His first deep interaction with the Park was the enlightenment of coexistence with the Taiwan environment when saving the pheasants during promotion of the high-speed rail project. The second occasion that affected Director-General Hu was when the Park and Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation promoted organic non-toxic farming methods, more people grew understanding of the origin of the green label and friendly farming via the protection of pheasants. The people started to pay more attention to the importance of environmental protection which affected him profoundly. Lastly, Director-General Hu finally thanked the volunteers and the Green Farmers for their contributions and encouraged the audience to learn from them.
Although the day of the opening ceremony was rainy, it did not stop the enthusiasm of the participants. The number of participants was not lower than in previous years. There were many splendid and eye-catching programs in the opening ceremony including the children's environmental action drama directed by the Society of Wilderness and the Water Chestnut Peeling Competition. The Green Protection Label Farming Award Ceremony attracted the most media because many green farmers have reached seventy or eighty years old and still adhered to the friendly farming positions which is absolutely amazing. On behalf of the event, Director-General Hu issued a certificate of appraisal to an old farmer, Grandpa Jui-hsiang, who was once deciding to give up friendly farming this year because farming organic water chestnuts is very hard and requires too much physical strength; plus, the profits are negligible. However, under the Park's encouragement, Grandpa Jui-hsiang stuck to it and his water chestnuts were later on successfully sold out. Meanwhile, staff in BOHSR also provided great support to Grandpa Jui-hsiang. The entire opening event was about conveying this idea, we hope to gather support and spread love forward.

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