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機場捷運月台門系統測試項目簡介 Introduction to the Test Items of the TIAA MRT Platform Screen Door System


The TIAA MRT Platform Screen Door System is mainly set as a security barrier to prevent passengers or items from falling onto the track. It is also the control of station personnel. Any unauthorized opening of the Platform End Door (PED) or Emergency Escape Door (EED) will simultaneously trigger the alarm and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) where station staff of Taoyuan Metro will be monitoring and handling the situation at the operation room.
In order to ensure the stability and security of system operation, the main test items of the system are divided into:
1.Installation test: includes appearance, size, installation and insulation (250Vdc insulation value ≧ 0.3 MΩ)
2.Performance test: includes open / close door (fully open within 3 seconds, fully closed within 3.5 seconds), clamping force (closing force of sliding door <140N), obstacle detection (sliding door re-opened to 500 ± 50mm), Platform doors local Control Plane (PCP) and Local Control Box (LCB) operation, lock signal (can trigger and send signals to the simulator), manual unlock (emergency release handle of slide door must be <67N), indicator light and warning sound (indicator light and warning sound during door opening and closing process), emergency / terminal door function (push-bar unlocking force must be <67N, door can be opened to 90°angle), central control unit function (man-machine interface can normally reflect door on / off status, power distribution board (automatically switch between A / B power and uninterruptible power supply system) and battery function (can provide power for 1hr and support at least 20 times additional switch actions).
3.Interface test: includes Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA, can send polling messages and receive replies), communications (CCTV monitoring function), power supply (AC 220V ± 5%, line voltage 380V ± 5%), signals (command signals), EMUs (horizontal distance of platform door and platform level) and so on.
The TIAA MRT Platform Screen Door Systems in 21 stations have all passed the tests and handed over to Taoyuan Metro Corporation to takeover. Currently, the systems are being included in the TIAA MRT stability testing operations and the MRT Engineering Office is actively implementing preparatory operations for platform door-related initial inspection.

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