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機場捷運—旅客資訊顯示系統簡介 Introduction to the Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) of the TIAA MRT System


The Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) provides passengers with TIAA MRT-relevant information during their wait for the train via a 42-inch display monitor. The information includes current time (24-hour clock) and the destination and departure time of the next train on the platform displayed in both Chinese and English. The main purpose is to facilitate the accuracy of public transport to and from the airport.
The PIDS structure is shown as figure 1, which is divided into two categories by function: general station system (A1-A21) and operational control center system (located in Chingpu Depot). The PIDS of stations and the operational control center is connected by the Backbone Transmission Network (BTN) to update the media content and display it on the appropriate column of the monitor. As for the information related to operation, the PIDS control server will link to the station signaling system via the RS-422 communication interface.
The PIDS control servers installed in the stations can obtain information such as train departure time, vehicle type (express train or commuter train), destination, and departure/enter information via the signaling interface and then pass on to the PIDS display boards of relevant stations to publish the latest information to passengers. The messages are displayed in Traditional Chinese and English by rotation. The installation locations of plasma TV displays are shown in figure 2 and the display switch of each station can be controlled by the station staff of each station through the software switch controller.
The PIDS is a multi-function display board which contains four categories of information: train information, multimedia information, important information, and emergency messages.

  • 圖1 旅客資訊顯示系統架構。
  • 圖2 電漿電視顯示器安裝位置(車站)。
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