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辦理「鐵路安全管理研討會」 Implementation of "Railway Safety Management Seminar"

本次交流目的除得知高鐵公司已不斷進行產、官、學合作,研發與列車安全相關智慧化資訊系統,包括災害告警系統、災害應變資訊系統(含列車運行管理、防災地理資訊、災害告警資訊及防颱巡檢管理等系統)、工程車管理系統,亦積極研發TOMIS APP,可透過手機獲得各車站列車開門方向、緊急避難逃生出口位置及營運即時資訊等;另瞭解到臺鐵局列車駕駛員轉換為較先進的ATP(列車自動防護系統)模式適應程度。

In view of the considerable scale of the construction of the domestic rail network and the high degree of professionalism and heritage of railway technology, BOHSR and MOTC arranged the Taiwan Railway Administration and the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation to establish railway technical personnel exchange mechanisms and communication channels for TRA/HSR technical units in order to achieve talent, information and maintenance experience sharing purposes. In addition, through a diversified exchange and learning system, the safety and service quality of the railway system may be enhanced.
The first priority of railway operation is safety. On Oct. 28, 2016, BOHSR launched the "Railway Safety Management Seminar" with the theme of "Intelligent Security and Response Management". Senior Manager Chun-Wen Hsu of THSRC and Engineer Hui-Yung Lin of TRA was respectively invited to brief on "Experience in Intelligent Security and Response Management" and "Study on the Relationship between the Driving Behavior of Engine Drivers and the Involvement of Automatic Train Protection System". As for participants, related technical personnel from Department of Railways and Highways, MOTC, THSRC, TRA, RRB, etc. were invited to take part in the presentations and discussions.
The purpose of this exchange seminar includes that in addition to actively engaging in Industry-Government-Academia cooperation to develop train safety-related intelligent information systems including disaster warning system, disaster response information system (including train operation management, disaster prevention and geographical information, disaster alarm information and against-typhoon inspection management system), engineering vehicle management system, THSRC is also actively developing the TOMIS APP in which users can obtain information of train door opening direction in each station, emergency evacuation exits and instant operational information via the phone. On the other hand, participants learned about the adapting situation of TRA train drivers regarding the conversion into the more advanced ATP (train automatic protection system) system mode.
In the HSR/TRA technology exchange platform where professional knowledge, experience and information are exchanged and shared, domestic rail technology development will be enhanced and all parties will jointly promote the sustainable development of Taiwan's railway industry. Under enthusiastic participation and heated discussion, the seminar was smooth and successful.

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