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機場捷運初勘準備及辦理情形 Preparatory and Implementation Status of TIAA MRT Preliminary Inspection


To implement the preliminary inspection on the TIAA MRT system, BOHSR has recently invited the local governments along the system, Taoyuan Metro Corp., Taoyuan Airport Company and the MRT Engineering Office to hold 4 preparatory coordination meetings. It has been confirmed that all the civil and architecture engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, system stability test report, simulation exercise report, system verification and certification report, operational regulations and necessary personnel for operation have been completed. Additionally, all elements of the preliminary inspection regulated in the “Rules of MRT Final Inspection & Testing for Revenue Service” are ready. Consequently, BOHSR invited 18 experts and scholars in related fields to form the preliminary inspection committee. The committee was divided into civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering and operation 3 groups and has completed the preliminary inspection on Dec. 3 to 4, 2016.
In the two-day inspection, the members first examined the documents regarding construction, testing and operational regulation. Then, the inspectors visited major transfer and terminal stations including Taipei Main Station (A1), Sanchong Station (A2), Airport Terminal 2 Station (A13), Linghang Station (A17), Taoyuan HSR Station (A18) and Huanbei Station (A21) and Chingpu Depot (inclusive of operational control center) to conduct on-site survey and testing on station facilities and equipment, maintenance base equipment, track, E&M equipment, baggage handling equipment, transfer facilities, escape facilities and long steep slopes. Moreover, the inspection included a simulation of arson between National Taiwan Sport University Station (A7) and Taishan Guihe Station (A6) and simultaneously occurring breakdown in which the train had to glide into Taishan Guihe Station for passenger evacuation. After the completion of the simulation exercise and response measures, the preliminary inspection results were completed and submitted.
Preliminary inspection results included 12 pre-inspection improvement matters, 49 general matters and 42 follow-up suggestions. The pre-inspection improvement matters must be re-examined and approved by the committee members to be submitted to the MOTC for further evaluation. BOHSR will demand the MRT Engineering Office and relevant construction units togather Taoyuan Metro Corp. and Taoyuan Airport Company to complete pre-inspection improvement matters as soon as possible and apply for MOTC evaluation subsequently with view to early opening of the safe and fast airport access MRT service.

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