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機場捷運模擬演練辦理情形 Implementation Status of TIAA MRT Simulation Exercise


In order to meet the needs of the TIAA MRT Preliminary Inspection and to ensure the emergency response capability of the operating units after the opening of the system, Taoyuan Metro Corp. started the simulation exercise based on the “Service Running-Operation Simulation Exercise Program". A total of 26 test items were carried out with reference to the operation SOP, and the test items were carried out four times during the exercise. In addition, the police, fire department and other units were invited for 4 sessions of multi-hazard simulation exercise. There were a total of 108 simulation exercises held. The multi-hazard simulation exercise is to ensure the coordination and integration of all units in the event of disaster. The training items included important stations, long steep slope and underground tunnels, ensuring the emergency response proficiency through various exercises.
Taoyuan Metro Corp. implemented the 3rd multi-hazard simulation exercise on Nov. 11 by simulating train failure with smoke occurring at the long steep slope between Taishan Guihe Station (A6) and National Taiwan Sport University Station (A7). The simulation should lead to passengers evacuating to the station via the track and immediately starting baggage-transport-interruption transfer operations. During the exercise where the train has come to a complete stop due to accident, the driver reported emergency back to the OCC to cut off power of the third rail. Simultaneously, station staff guided passengers to evacuate to A7 station via the track. On the other hand, police and fire units received reports and arrived at the scene to rescue. As for the baggage, OCC dispatched another operating train to push the failure train to A7 Station. Then, on-call A7 station staff and cargo operators on the platform will enter the baggage compartment for demolition of cabinet operations. Finally, the baggage will be transported to the airport by trucks and be re-imposed to baggage screening procedures by the Aviation Police Bureau.
After the exercise, Taoyuan Metro Corp. held a meeting to review the verification of emergency response procedures, strengthen staff familiarity with operational regulations, operational procedures and work instructions, understand the accident emergency notification mechanism, establish an understanding for joint operation with external units, enhance the emergency dispatching capacity of operational control personnel, train personnel and station personnel, gain familiarity with passenger relief and security operations which will strengthen operational safety after opening of the system. The 108 simulation exercises have been completed on Nov. 29, 2016, achieving preliminary inspection requirements.

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