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機場捷運系統驗證與認證成果 Results of Verification and Validation of the TIAA MRT System


In accordance with the amendments of “Rules of MRT Final Inspection & Testing for Revenue Service” issued July 23, 2010 by MOTC, the projects that has not yet been approved by the Executive Yuan will have to propose an independent verification and validation report of the system during future inspections; as for the projects that has already been ratified by the Executive Yuan, it shall at least include the verification and validation report of the E&M system. Therefore, BOHSR has assigned Lloyd's Rail in January 2011 to implement system verification and validation operations. Subsequently in July 2015, the assigned company changed its name to Ricardo plc due to business mergers and acquisitions.
In accordance with EN50126, the system verification and validation of TIAA MRT System, starting from January 2011, includes results of the development process of the TIAA MRT project, the comprehensive design phase (outline, details, final and special issues such as long steep slopes) and the construction acceptance stages (factory test, installation, testing, pre-operation) assessments, and participating meetings, audits, witnesses and other independent inspections and certifications. On Dec. 1, 2016, Ricardo plc submitted its final verification and validation report and signed the system verification and validation certificate on Dec. 2, effective from the date of issuance, confirming that the TIAA MRT has met safety requirements and has all elements of “Rules of MRT Final Inspection & Testing for Revenue Service” for preliminary inspection.
Based on the System Verification and Validation activities, it is considered that the basis of the chosen design is valid. The TIAA MRT System has been built to meet the BOHSR specifications, requirements and obligations, including the Employer's Requirements for Functionality, Quality, RAM and Safety, with no significant deviations.It is confirmed that the TIAA MRT System generally complies with the requirements of operational safety case, and is regarded as being in a state that is fit for operation.
After confirming that the TIAA MRT system complied with the “Rules of MRT Final Inspection & Testing for Revenue Service” and has completed the operational requirements including the independent verification and validation report, BOHSR continued to conduct the preliminary inspection on the TIAA MRT on Dec. 3 and 4.

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