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機場捷運系統用地無償提供第三人公共利益使用 TIAA MRT System Land Provides Free Use of the Third Party's Public Interests


In accordance with Article 6.1.4 and 6.2 of “Property Management Regulations of the Government-constructed Mass Rapid Transit Systems”, to ensure the best use of land for the purpose of regulating the application of the third party use of the TIAA MRT System land without prejudice to the construction, maintenance and operational safety of the TIAA MRT system, the “Guidelines for Review of Free Use of the TIAA MRT System Land for Third Party's Public Interests” was stipulated.
BOHSR invited MOTC, Department of Railways and Highways, Department of General Affairs, and Legal Affairs Committee, Taoyuan City Government, Taoyuan Metro Corp. and other relevant authorities to participate in the discussion and completed stipulation of the abovementioned guidelines. The Guidelines included 13 articles that specifies the definition and scope of the third party, the items of public interests use, the application review procedure, etc., and provided documents such as the application form, the review form and the contract model.
According to Article 3 of “Guidelines for Review of Free Use of the TIAA MRT System Land for Third Party's Public Interests”, the major functions included:
1.Provide access of roads or passageways to unspecified majority of people.
2.Provide parks, green landscaping, outdoor activity areas or drainage ditches and related facilities.
3.Provide access of crossings or traverses and set up pedestrian trails or bicycle lanes.
4.Provide setting up street lamps, traffic signs, indicating signs or bus shelters use.
5.Provide equipment related to monitoring, testing and other facilities for the purpose of flight or traffic safety.
6.Provide for the installation of embankment, protection slope and fence, box culvert, pipeline and other related facilities to achieve soil and water conservation or flood control.
7.Provide short-term fire-fighting needs or police emergency services.
8.Provide short-term public welfare, festivals or government propaganda and military, disaster prevention and other exercise and activities.
9.Other matters that are in the public interests and are deemed necessary by a meeting of the management
The Guidelines was promulgated and came into effect on Nov. 9, 2016, and developed operating procedures in accordance with ISO specifications of BOHSR as the standard operating regulations.

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