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交通部同仁參訪機場捷運建設行程概述 Summary of the Visit of MOTC Personnel to the TIAA MRT System


The visit to TIAA MRT was led by Senior Executive Officer Shu-Chen Feng from Department of Personnel, MOTC on the morning of Nov. 17 with 35 personnel from MOTC. The visiting party was first assembled at Taipei Main Station (A1), then, Deputy Director Wen-Liang Chen of MRT Engineering Office briefed on the surrounding environment and current status of the TIAA MRT system. Next, Taoyuan Airport Company representative introduced the in-town check-in and baggage handling services and company personnel demonstrated actual operations of the two services. Subsequently, Section Chief Guo-Chien Huang navigated along the trip to Airport Terminal 2 Station (A13) and continued to explain the transfer route for arriving and departing passengers after getting off the train. Lastly, the party was transferred to the commuter train to Taoyuan HSR Station (A18) , completing the trip.
The visit was smooth and successful, and the visitors were impressed of their first trip on the TIAA MRT EMU.

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