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南迴鐵路段邊坡監測實驗現勘紀要 Onsite Inspection of the Slope Monitoring Experiment in the TRA South-Link Line


In view of climate change causing rising probabilities of rockslides, floods and other natural disasters and that the Alishan Forest Railway and South-Link Line have recently encountered interruption and disasters caused by landslides, authorities planned to achieve the risk of landslides visualization through advanced detection equipment and data analysis technology. This will help them to immediately grasp the condition of slope, further implement preventive measures, and to make railway traffic safer.
Therefore BOHSR gathered RRB, TRA, THSRC and NEC to the South-Link Line on Dec. 5 and 6 to implement onsite inspection and select the appropriate location to conduct the experiments and demonstrative functional verification of the “Early Warning Solution of Landslides” (POC). Through analyzing the changing process of the soil state of the slope during rainfall via the monitoring equipment, authorities hoped to reduce disaster and loss of life and property by shortening the warning time of landslides.
The five inspected locations on the South-Link Line included Hsinchi Tunnel South Exit, Fushan Station, Duoliang Station and other surroundings. The main focus of the inspection was to understand and investigate the collapsed fields near the stations and the surrounding surface soil, topography, signal strength, power supply and other items.
The inspected terrains were all steep slopes. Preliminary judgment was that there is high risk of collapse near Xinji tunnel near Hsinchi Tunnel especially around 100 meters above the Duoliang Station track where the soil was found to be soft. After the inspection, the inspectors assessed that Duoliang Station and Fushan Station surrounding areas are currently more suitable for the implementation of the POC. In addition, it is recommended that a comparison and review of the existing slopes of the South-Ling Line that has not went through disaster prevention operations should be conducted.

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