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高鐵桃園產專區之GLORIA OUTLETS華泰名品城第二期盛大開幕登場 Grand Opening of GLORIA OUTLETS Second Phase in HSR Taoyuan Commercial/Manufacturing Park
高鐵桃園產專區之GLORIA OUTLETS華泰名品城第二期開幕。

位於高速鐵路桃園車站及機場捷運高鐵桃園站(A18)旁,由國泰人壽及華泰大飯店合作之GLORIA OUTLETS華泰名品城第二期於105年12月22日盛大開幕,開幕式由桃園市鄭市長文燦、本局胡局長湘麟、華泰大飯店集團陳執行長炯福、國泰人壽熊總經理明河等人共同剪綵,同時,知名藝人-許維恩、許路兒、許菲菲三姊妹及張軒睿皆受邀出席,為二期增添星光。
GLORIA OUTLETS華泰名品城第一期已有105個品牌進駐,第二期更加了65個品牌進駐,第一期開幕至今,已經達到預定40億營業額、700萬人次的目標,預計第二期開幕後,將達到70億營業額、900萬人次,目前本案也在遠見雜誌服務大調查中的「台灣服務業奧斯卡」奪下第二名的殊榮,相信在各相關設施陸續完成後,必定能帶動更強的發展集客力,並讓桃園的觀光零售業更具競爭力。

On Dec. 22, 2016, Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and GLORIA HOTEL GROUP together launched the grand opening of GLORIA OUTLETS-second phase. On the opening day, Taoyuan City Mayor Wen-Tsan Cheng, BOHSR Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu, GLORIA HOTEL GROUP CEO Chiung-Fu Chen and Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. General Manager Ming-Ho Hsiung participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. In addition, well-known celebrities, Sharon Hsu, Lure Hsu, Sandia Hsu and Derek Chang were invited to the event, making it a star-studded grand opening.
In the first phase of GLORIA OUTLETS, there were already 105 brands that entered the park. In the second phase, additional 65 brands will enter. Since the opening of the first phase, the targets of 4 billion revenue and 7 million customers have both been achieved. It is estimated that after the opening of the second phase, 7 billion revenue and 9 million customers will be reached. Furthermore, this project has won the honor of second place in the “Taiwan Service Oscar” by Global Views Monthly. After gradual completion of relevant facilities, the park will definitely motivate even stronger development and engagement powers, enhancing tourism and retail industry in Taoyuan.
The 22-hectare HSR Taoyuan Commercial/Manufacturing Park is mainly a world-class American open-air leisure and shopping village. In the future, it may extend to a park consisting of a movie theater, aquarium, five-star hotel and corporate headquarters. On the other hand, Taoyuan City Government is planning to establish a municipal art museum, Hengshan Calligraphy Museum, Taoyuan World Trade Center and Asia Silicon Valley Project which will have a great clustering effect on the region. The region will become an important entrance and exit of Taoyuan and we are also looking forward to thriving development of the HSR Station District.

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