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機場捷運公共藝術作品系列報導(七) 機場第一航廈站(A12)-過境-心航線 10TIAA MRT Public Art Series Report (7) Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 Station (A12) – “Transit-Heartfelt Route”


Among the 9 public art pieces distributed in 8 stations, in this month’s Newsletter, we are going to introduce “Transit-Heartfelt Route” in Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 Station.
Corresponding to the station's design concept of “movement” and the latitudes and longitudes of major global cities engraved on the ceiling, the artist, Jun-Ting Lin, further takes the subtle imaginations from these measurements of international cities by transforming them into numerous fantastical window views. New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Beijing, Taipei, and other international cosmopolitan cities and local settings and symbols from Taiwan are presented before the viewers' eyes. The travelers passing through are reminded of beautiful memories of their trips and also adventures to come.
In this interactive artwork, the artist created travel scenarios for 10 cities and hid interactions or roles in them. When you arrive at Egypt, imagine you are an explorer with a torch in the pyramids to illuminate the ancient Egyptian murals. When the Pharaoh’s scepter is lit, the murals magically move to tell the story of Egypt. At Taiwan, try waving your hand to the insects. When the insects begin to fly, all the sleeping flowers wake up. Each pane hides a different story and interactive changes, waiting for you to discover and explore.

  • 過境-心航線
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