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本局榮獲105年度交通部財產管理檢核第二名 BOHSR was Rewarded Second Place in "2016 Annual Evaluation on National Public Property Management”


MOTC conducted the 2016 evaluation based on "ownership management", "occupancy management", "onsite performance results", "asset activation" and "project execution compatibility". Through document examination and onsite evaluation on Jun. 8, 2016 by MOTC evaluation committee members, BOHSR was graded excellent in the evaluation. The action of clearance and exclusion of occupied land was especially mentioned and approved by MOTC. BOHSR was awarded second place and was rewarded personally by the Minister Ho Chen, Tan in the 1666th MOTC Affairs Meeting on Dec. 15, 2016.
The award should be dedicated to our supervisors for their rigorous supervision and all property-management departments including the Second, Third, Fifth, Sixth Divisions, IT Department, Secretariat and MRT Engineering Office for their great administration efforts. Further on, BOHSR will continue to manage public properties in accordance with “Strengthening National Property Activation Project” and maximize the benefits of national public properties.

  • 賀陳部長頒發105年財產管理檢核獎座。
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