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本局同仁及眷屬參加機場捷運試營運首發活動 BOHSR Colleagues Attended the TIAA Service Trials Event with Their Families


On Jan. 25, 2017 the MOTC approved of official operation of the TIAA MRT System and the system would be managed by the Taoyuan Metro. On the same day, Taoyuan City Government announced the service trials program. The one-month service trials program has been initiated on Feb. 2 and is divided into two phases. The first two weeks (Feb. 2 to 15, 2017) will be the trial run phase for invited groups; the last two weeks (Fe. 16 to Mar. 1, 2017) will be the free trial run phase open to the public in which the people can ride the train with a ticket number.
BOHSR was invited by the Taoyuan Metro to the first trial run event on Feb. 2, 2017. On that day, there were 200 BOHSR colleagues with their families that rode the TIAA MRT from Taipei Main Station (A1) to Airport Terminal 2 Station (A13). The passengers experienced the different appearances of the urban and rural areas, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way. They could also experience the service of express and commuter trains and understand the in-town check-in and baggage handling services in Taipei Main Station (A1). The participating BOHSR colleagues and families all felt proud to be part of the historic moment of this great construction.
After the opening of the TIAA MRT System, access to Taoyuan Airport will be more convenient and the living spheres of the three municipalities, Taoyuan City, New Taipei City and Taipei City will be linked. It is an important milestone in the country's construction and represented Taiwan's continuous progress.

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