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高鐵毗鄰地區彰化縣路段擴大限建範圍公聽會辦理情形 Implementing Status of the Public Hearing on Expansion of HSR Building Restriction Areas in Changhua Section


In 1999, the building restriction area alongside the HSR system is within 60 meters of the system. However, according to the monitoring data, there is continuing land subsidence in Changhua and Yunlin showing serious trend of the settlement of the high-speed railway piers caused by HSR facility-adjacent surface loading. Thus, MOTC announced the “Building Permit Bans and Restrictions alongside HSR System” on Jan. 11, 2016. The regulations expanded the HSR building restriction scope of the plain section in Changhua and Yunlin into 150 meters and in accordance with the law, the assignment, public hearing, public exhibitions, announcements and other procedures were redefined.
The HSR Changhua Section Public Hearing took place at 2:30 pm on Jan. 11, 2017 in the Tianzhong Township Office Activity Center. The public hearing was hosted by Deputy Director Yin-Jie Ma of Public Works, Changhua County Government with Senior Engineer Hsien-Chen Ho of BOHSR leading related associates and THSRC personnel to attend. First, the host carried out a brief introduction, followed by the briefing from Engineer Hung-Wei Chen of THSRC to explain the HSR construction limit, changes to the building restriction scope and the review contents of the restriction control. In addition to complying with the statutory procedures, the public hearing was held mainly explain to the local people that the scope of the building restriction of the high-speed rail on both sides is set to examine the project behavior that may affect the safety of high-speed railway rather than prohibiting development. In addition to protecting HSR structure and traffic safety, the building restriction evaluation is also a guarantee to the developers.
At the event, attendees enthusiastically asked questions where the host, Changhua County Government representatives and Senior Engineer Hsien-Chen Ho answered all the questions. After a heated discussion, the public hearing ended successfully.

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