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2017台灣燈會高鐵疏運及站區交通配合措施 HSR Traffic Dispersion and Station Subsidiary Control Measures during the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival Exhibition

今年燈會舉行時間為2月11日~2月19日,高鐵除原有班次外,並為燈會加開38班次 (南下18班、北上20班,其中34班次為全車自由座列車),以及因應現場人潮狀況機動增開臨時加班車9列次,燈會期間高鐵運量為156.1萬人次,估計因燈會增加運量合計約156,000人次,約佔運量之10%,關燈當日(2/19)高鐵雲林站進站人數18,026人次、出站人數15,788人次,合計達33,814人次,創高鐵雲林站通車以來最高運量紀錄。

The 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival was held in Yunlin County with two exhibition areas, the Huwei main lantern area and Beigang lantern area. The Huwei main lantern area is located at the Agricultural Expo Ecological Park, about 1.3 kilometers southeast of HSR Yunlin Station. THSRC has upheld past traffic dispersing experience for lantern festivals to deliberate the dispersing measures under the premise of maintaining HSR passenger service quality and fast evacuation of the crowd, and BOHSR has provisioned of land for the prefectural government, the temporary road at the rear of the HSR station is set up as a one-way “Kiss & Ride” area. Other transfer facilities such parking lots, bus transfer hubs and the taxi waiting area remain in its original places which greatly reduced the impact of HSR passengers. As for crowd control, “single direction passenger flow” and “total passenger dispersing” measures are carried out inside and outside the station. According to the passenger waiting situations at the platform, concourse, lobby, etc., the dispersing measures are distinguished into three stages in order to maintain operational safety and transport efficiency. In addition to distributing manpower, utilizing resources and guidance signage, holding HSR passenger propagandas, and establishing an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), THSRC mobilized all personnel to successfully disperse passengers during the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival exhibition period.
This year, the exhibition was held from Feb. 11 to Feb. 19. In addition to the original frequency, HSR added 38 trains (18 southbound and 20 northbound, among which 34 are non-reserved trains) for the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival. In response to the actual situation, HSR also mobilized 9 impromptu trains. During the exhibition period, the HSR ridership reached 1.561 million and among which, the ridership increased due to the exhibition was estimated to be 156,000 ridership, which is 10% of total ridership. On the closing day of the lantern festival (2/19), the number of ridership entering the HSR Yunlin station was 18,026 and the number of ridership exiting the station was 15,788. Total ridership on that day reached 33,814, creating the highest record for HSR Yunlin Station.

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