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機場捷運ME02標自動收費系統PRSR營運前運轉測試紀實 Record of the Pre-revenue Service Running of TIAA MRT ME02 Tender Automatic Fare Collection System


According to “Rules of MRT Final Inspection & Testing for Revenue Service”, the TIAA MRT System must conform to normal operating requirements of the ticketing system. Therefore, the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system must go through Pre-revenue Service Running (PRSR) before formal business operation. All the conditions of the PRSR are the same with the official operation besides the train carries no passengers. The Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) manufacturer must work with the owner and operating units to carry out the test and is responsible for leading the coordination work of system integration test and PRSR. The coordination work includes the coordinating and supervising civil engineering contractors and other contractors to demonstrate the completeness and safety of the system-wide design. The PRSR had initiated on Jul. 11, 2016 and lasted for two months. The manufacturer continuously verified and demonstrated the overall operating functions of the AFC system with other facilities in the station based on normal operating conditions, system operating procedures and operational manpower allocation.
During the test period, the manufacturer provided 100 part-time workers and testers as general passengers to simulate the operating status of 8 hours a day, 7 days a week to test the equipment and system in large quantities of transactions and passengers entering and exiting the station. The AFC system manufacturer must prepare required cash and various kinds of tickets for the PRSR; on the other hand, Taoyuan Metro Corporation provided trained operators for the test.
The test contents included six major items: scenario testing, normal mode, operation mode switch, continuous transaction and communication of equipment, large event rehearsals and system function. The test was carried out in segmented and cross-station measures in which various types of tickets will be added value, enter and exit the station and transfer to other public transports. The station staff of Taoyuan Metro Corporation will fill the points, coins and tokens at the ticket and value-added machine and be responsible for value-added tickets, ticket-adjustment, refunds and other issues at the passenger information center. The staff also has to replace the token box when it’s full and will change shift at the end of the test.
The PRSR was successfully completed on Sep. 23, 2016 with full efforts of the contractors, Taoyuan Metro Corporation and MRT Engineering Office. After completion of the test, the AFC system manufacturer has set all system operating parameters, completing the preparatory work for formal operation.

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