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桃園機場捷運電聯車車間走道簡介 Introduction to the Gangway of TIAA MRT EMUs


The TIAA MRT EMU gangway consists of two half walkways, which form the flexible part of the train, allowing relative movement between vehicles. It also allows the passengers to pass freely between the vehicles, providing a safe passage for passengers. The exterior design of the gangway allows the train to have a continuous appearance, while the interior design enhances the visual integrity of the interior and free from finger traps and tripping hazards. Each gangway has the same design with identical and interchangeable gangway half, which can be connected and disconnected externally, making it conducive to follow-up maintenance operations by the operating unit.
The gangway of EMU composed of couple frames, bellows made by elastic fabric wrinkles, bridge plates which make up the relative displacement between the vehicles, side panels, ceiling panels connecting the body of the train and gangway support. The gangway shall be designed so it can be free from any operational flaws in the event of vehicle deflection. The calculation must also take into consideration of all the complicated situations regarding the 90-meter radius of curvature of the TIAA MRT System such as the track curvature, bogie suspension performance, wheel wear, coupler performance, etc. The design shall maintain elastic movement of the gangway even if the two adjacent cars form vertical or horizontal movement due to the deformation of the coupler to ensure the safety of the inter-vehicle passageway and to ensure that the vehicle end structure is not seriously damaged by vehicle collision.

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