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高鐵第三人申請公益使用案例-外埔區馬鳴里高鐵橋下空間簡易綠美化工程 Case of Providing Land of HSR For Free Use - Simple Green Landscaping Operations For Space under the High-speed Rail in Maming Village, Waipu District, Taichung


In recent years, Waipu District, Taichung City has promoted the trend of green landscaping construction facilities. Through applying for HSR land for free use and its contract mechanism for the space to be of public interest, the district actively planned the area under the HSR into green landscaping open space for leisure. The generated space will increase sports, leisure and entertainment community environment and provide the community with a happier, healthier and more harmonious place for living.
The construction base of this project is 165 meters long and is located south of Xincuo Rd., Maming Village, Waipu District. In order to construct “Simple Green Landscaping Operations For Space under the High-speed Rail in Maming Village, Waipu District”, the district office applied for Lot 384 and nine other land numbers in Zhuwei Section, Waipu District, Taichung City that are managed by BOHSR according to “Guidelines for Review of Free Use of the HSR Land for Third Party's Public Interest”. Total utilized area is 1,344.22 square meters.
The right-of-way of 5 meters away from the center line of the road have been applied for the public use of bike lane according to the previous application. For the application of 8 meters of HSR right-of-way, the technical units of BOHSR have assessed the operational safety of the technical engineering (including the HSR structure) and THSRC has concluded that the project will not affect the construction and operation safety of the HSR. Therefore, the project has been approved by BOHSR on Dec. 8, 2016 and the authority of the land was handed over to the district office on Jan. 6, 2017.

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