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鄰捷運近接施工管制及審查作業準則辦理情形 Implementation Status of the “Evaluation and Operational Guidelines for Control of Proximity Construction Adjacent to the MRT”


The assigned technical service case of “Evaluation and Operational Guidelines for Control of Proximity Construction Adjacent to the MRT (draft)” was won by CECI Engineering Consultants Inc. on Dec. 22, 2016. The contents of the project included execution and evaluation of the existing building permit bans and restrictions alongside the MRT system, to explore and revise the proposed building permit bans and restrictions and to develop the guidelines for consistent review of national compliance cases. The case is scheduled for submission the final report on Sep. 28, 2017.
At present, Taipei MRT, Kaohsiung MRT, Taichung MRT and the TIAA MRT have reviewed corresponding development cases within the MRT building restriction scope (following will be called “monitored cases”) according to “Regulations for Building Permit Bans and Restrictions alongside MRT Facilities”. In addition, Kaohsiung light rail, Danhai light rail and Ankeng light rail are also continued to be promoted in the country. However, the articles for light rail are not yet complete in the abovementioned regulation.
On the other hand, the TIAA MRT that is officially operated, and many other metropolitan MRTs are successively joining the MRT network. By reviewing the existing regulation in this case to amend partial articles and develop principles applicable and consistent nationwide, documentation and evaluation of monitored cases will have a reference to follow which will ensure the operation of existing MRT facilities unaffected by monitored cases during its construction. At the same time, in view of the arrival of the light rail construction in various cities, the relevant provisions of the light rail will be added to the regulation and will refer to the monitored cases to ensure the safety of the light rail facilities and operation.

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