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軌道設備介紹:認識軌道加勁軌 Rail Equipment Introduction: Understanding the Auxiliary Rail

機場捷運之加勁軌設計係在運行軌之間增加二根UIC60鋼軌,長度約23公尺(道碴段18公尺,非道碴段5公尺),並採Pandrol 扣件鎖固。此外,為了增加軌枕之橫向穩定,並設置軌枕錨定版,加強其道床結構穩定。

The track bed configurations of the TIAA MRT rail at the connecting sections of the maintenance depot are different. The section from the main line entering the maintenance depot is non-ballast track and the track inside the depot is ballast track which results in significant track stiffness difference between the two tracks. Generally at the track convergence of the two different tracks will be implemented with a special method depending on the differences and requirements of the track stiffness. Setting the “auxiliary rail” to increase the track stiffness of the ballast end and to cushion and buffer the stiffness at both ends is one of the commonly used methods. Not only avoiding over-subsidence of the ballast track, this method can reduce the maintenance cost of track bed in this area as well.
The auxiliary rail of the TIAA MRT System is designed as adding two UIC60 rails in between operating rails for approximately 23 meters (18 meters in the ballast track section and 5 in non-ballast track section) and adopted Pandrol fastenings to fix the rails. In addition, in order to increase lateral stability of the sleeper, the sleeper anchoring plate was also installed to strengthen its track bed structure stability.

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