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102年度糖業鐵路定期檢查辦理紀要 2013 Annual Inspection on Exclusive Railways of Taiwan Sugar Corporation


MOTC conducted the 2013 Annual Inspection on Taiwan Sugar Corporation Exclusive Railways on November 19th and 21st, 2013. The inspection was conducted in accordance to No.41 of Railway Act and No. 46 & 47 of Regulation for Supervision of Local Railway, Private Railway and Exclusive Railway. The eight major inspection items include Organization, Operational Situation, Financial Situation, Constructions, the Safety Management System, Maintenance of Trains, Maintenance of Tracks and Others. This inspection was carried out by BOHSR, who also acts as Railways supervision task force, MOTC .
The inspection work was divided into three parts: Operation, Engineering and E&M, and was reviewed by BOHSR's First Division, Second Division and Third Division respectively. Chief Secretary Lu took lead in this inspection which first visited Wushulin Recreation Park on November 19th for Taiwan Sugar Corporation's briefing. Then on two separate scheduled days, inspection members went through document review, on-site inspection and discussion on the two exclusive railways in Wushulin Recreation Park and Kaohsiung Sugar Cultural Center respectively.
In this year's annual inspection, total of 28 items were reviewed according to execution plan concerning whether regulations, procedures and enforcement were actually carried out or not. The inspection was completed successfully and we will provide an official report based on inspection results and law for Taiwan Sugar Corporation to continue on improvements accordingly.

  • 烏樹林休閒廣場專用鐵路現勘。
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