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機場捷運延伸線TR01標軌道與土木界面簡述 Outline of the Rail and Civil Engineering Interface of the TIAA MRT Extension Line TR01 Tender


The principle of the design of TIAA MRT Extension Line TR01 Rail Engineering Tender was based on configuration of non-ballast track, floating slab track and special track. As for the CU04 civil engineering tender, the structure finished level was defined according the abovementioned principle. Relevant interfaces are briefed as follows:
1.Design and configuration scope of rail bed types.
2.Tunnel invert and civil engineering rail bed finished level.
3.Drainage configuration of underground section (collecting well and pipeline).
4.The connection between rail bed and civil structure.
5.Boundary analysis of civil engineering structure (clearance analysis).
6.Site demands for rail feed port and continuous welded rails.
7.Grounding system for civil and rail construction.
8.Configuration confirmation of the riser pipe cable of the conductor rail.
Before construction, the civil engineering tender must propose the CSD/SEM integrated interface graphic to confirm the requirements of the rail tender. After completion of civil engineering, the civil and rail construction parties must implement clearance testing and analysis, drainage system testing and investigation of related equipment status before passing onto rail construction. In addition, passing on the rail feed port and construction storage area should be especially confirmed. As for the personnel access control and materials entry and exit routes, the issues would be resolved in the routine CIP meeting. After completion of the rail construction, both parties need to once again conduct the clearance testing and analysis, drainage system testing and investigation of related equipment status of the working level and rail completion level to pass on the construction and clearly define responsibilities.
Currently, for the shield tunneling part of the CU04 civil engineering tender, the shield tunnel from Laojie River Station (A22) to Huanbei Station (A21) has been excavated. Next will be the invert construction according to the rail bed configuration in TR01 tender which is scheduled to be completed in March, 2018.

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