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機場捷運建築物管理系統(BMS)概述 Outline of the TIAA MRT Building Management System

為提供旅客安全、便利、舒適、高水準的服務,機場捷運於沿線各車站建置建築物管理系統(Building Management System, BMS),藉以管控車站水電/環控設施、電梯/電扶梯、土建設施、門禁管理及營運安全監測訊號。

For the purpose of providing safe, convenient, comfortable and high-quality services to passengers, there are Building Management Systems (BMS) set in each station along the TIAA MRT System to manage the E&M systems, elevators and escalators, civil engineering facilities, access control and operational safety monitoring signals.
The system consists of two operating stations (one of which is a backup) to connect to the monitoring data sent from the station LCR and convert it to graphical control interface for operators to operate on. The system has alarm / event history log, can print reports, can monitor the status of station equipment, warning and operating mode functions. Regarding the interface, the BMS can receive orders from SCADA and achieve monitoring/controlling functions for the E&M system. The LCR is used to collect all the functional data of the site for integration and control. Moreover, the station control panel (SCP) is installed in the E&M room of the underground station for use as override control.
The controlling part of the system is divided into central control and automatic control; the modes include general control, traffic jam control and emergency operation control. The functions can be controlled by SCADA interface server in the ME01 E&M tender via stand-alone or group operation.

  • A5電扶梯故障診斷資料。
  • 台灣桃園國際機場聯外捷運系統:A13機場第二航廈站-建築物管理系統。
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