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南迴鐵路段「土石流徵兆預警」偵測系統實驗 Experiment of the “Early Warning Solution of Landslides” Detection System in the TRA South-Link Line


With advance detection equipment and data analysis technology to grasp the slope conditions, further preventive actions can be implemented to maintain the safety of railway traffic. After the inspection in early December, 2016, the RRB once again invited BOHSR, TRA and NEC Taiwan Ltd. to South-link Line inspection on Mar. 1 at the slope between Neishi No.10 Bridge and Neishi No.11 Bridge and two sites on the south side of the Dashin No.2 Bridge. After onsite inspection and assessment discussions, it was decided to install the experimental equipment for the detection system of “Early Warning Solution of Landslides” on the next day on the south slope of Dashin No.2 Bridge.
Considering the use of power and fiber optic network signals in the vicinity of the site, independent power and signal box were utilized to collect the data. Simultaneously, NEC will collect the soil sample at the experimental site back to Japan's laboratory for other experimental and data analysis.
As of the end of April, the experimental data has been collected for a month and a half. At present, when the rain is detected, the stability coefficient is detected of descending. The safety standard was obtained via soil analysis by the general laboratory of NEC Corporation in Japan, and the effectiveness of the system will be verified in the mountainous areas of Taiwan during typhoon season as a reference for future applications of follow-up systems in RRB, TRA and BOHSR.

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